The pdoc warned me

coming home from the state hospital “It’s going to be hell.” I’m still avoiding confrontation with the outside world. I still have a past to overcome. I don’t call it hell, but I do call it work.


@chordy we all have ‘work’ to do


That was a strange thing for the doctor to say.

But mine said to me “schizophrenics can be more successful than normal people as they’re more focused”.

Which I now find strange.


I think you do very well for yourself @chordy. Don’t sell yourself short. :heart:

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İ m definitely more focused and intellectual than my pre medicine condition.i m really happy with that


I left the psych hospital against the advice of the doctors. They said I was always welcome back.

I’m just glad they didn’t get a court order.

That is one of my major issues with todays psych hospitals, it has similar issues to prison in that it has no transition system set up to help make it easier to retunr to every day life. I mean yes theres inpatient PHP IOP but it’s really just not adequate. There should be groups and programs that allow students to bring their work or allow people to go back to work and then help them process the stress of it and function with it. Instead all the treatment programs insist you drop absolutely everything to attend them, then you fall behind in life, get overwhelmed and immediately readmitted.