I am very tired after work

Don’t have much to do laying on my bed, what are you doing

Listening to music and watching the news on the TV

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I don’t watch tv news… will need to listen to music good idea

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What’s ur job spooky?

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work always wore me out. i’d go to work, come home and scarf down some food, and then get on the internet. I haven’t worked in 6 years though.


Just decent job at supermarket… loading products to shelves all day :smiley:


I always nap after work

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I’ve been applying to supermarkets. I wanted to work somewhere respectable. also most of the grocers around here are union except Walmart. I worked in a union at levi’s jeans once and I liked it, but I quit because I kept getting sent home early and couldn’t make much money. I was low on the totem pole as they say.

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