Man long days when you wake up early!

i don’t like this getting up early business but i can’t sleep without the smokes. i wake up by 8am every morning for the past 3 weeks, and then i try to find things to do to occupy myself. it’s even worse now that im trying to cut down on my internet time and no longer watch television. i used to waste a good 5 hours a day or more in the evenings. my day was pretty much over by 6pm when i would turn on the news. now i have a lot of thinking time, to think about my life and interests or whatever bizzaro stuff pops into my head. my go to, to pass the time most days is workout, stretch, or eat. but taking the night off tonight. i was joking with my nurse about how much time manages to escape me and how i can easily waste a day if im not careful. anyways, will soon see if it’s possible to be on AP’s and be ripped. when all else fails get a workout in i tell myself.


i hope to find a part time job working 4 hour shifts, 4 days a week, that should help give me something to do and give me some extra money.

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Tell me about it, sometimes I wake up at midnight. I have so many hours to kill. And I don’t watch tv. I am so bored. Trying to find work right now so I have something to do.

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