Drawing Self Portrait

Clearly I’m not as talented as I used to be and I messed up big time in some parts but the results are encouraging enough for me to keep practicing and eventually do something good! image
I think I will buy a better set of pastels to do color next time. In a while maybe I’ll consider an art class!


great job! 452346234

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That is a beautiful bit of drawing!

I looked at it for ages, ( a sign that i like it a lot )

a lot of stuff i don’t look at

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good job, pastels are normally quite hard to draw with at first I find.

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I can draw inanimate objects and paint and stuff but can’t do portraits. Well done you @tukey. I like it. It is a nice representation of you and that takes some talent.

Do some more. You’ve nothing to lose and you learn every time you paint/draw or do art!

Well done you!

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Great job @tukey!!!

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That’s amazing! You’ve got serious talent!


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