I am too up with the lithium now, please help

Ok, i wasnt living on my Zyprexa. I was quite limited(dumb), not emotional etc etc. In the beginning, the lithium was fine. Nothing miraculous, but I felt a bit better. More emotional, less numbed, I even started talking more. The problem is today. I am too up, paranoid again, agitated, I even don’t want to eat. I think my emotions are not here also… What should I do? is this temporary? Some of you who were agitated like this in the beginning of some lifting meds? I am afraid too, quite afraid and I am angry and I even couldn’t watch tv normally, it irritates me and I cant focus. I am not sure all this is normal. My mother wants me to take my lithium once on two days. But she cant understand that I wasn’t living on the Zyprexa alone. Maybe take the lithium again this evening and see how I feel tomorrow? I wish it was a phase, but I am not sure… But it was tough today.


People, is it natural to feel so bad because too ‘‘up’’ in the beginning of a treatment? How were you in fact with your lifting meds? I was without reason too today. and freaked out…
On Zyprexa, I wasn’t living, I don’t want to go back only on this med… it was hell

Sounds tough. I’m sorry you are having such a hard time. Are you still considering trying a new antipsychotic? It sounds like your best bet. It also sounds like you are having a bad day. hang in there.

Idk, ill talk to my doc one day. I now should make my documents for my disability and I am stressed out cause I have to go out… Can it be just a coincidence this hyperness? But it was so strong today, that I am afraid the lithium is making me manic and this wont settle down… I wish this could settle down, but I am not sure this will happen either…

I think making any decisions based on one off day is a little over the top. If you’re still feeling this way tomorrow, call your doctor. I’m sure she wouldn’t want you getting manic either.

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I don’t know much about lithium, but I don’t think you should alternate days or change your dose unless your doctor says so. That might be dangerous.

If the lithium isn’t working out, there are other mood stabilizers.

But, even the right mood stabilizer probably won’t make your mood even every day.


Yes, that’s what I decided to do. Take my usual meds this night still and see if tomorrow ill be bad again… My mother always says to me to stay just on Zyprexa. she is always messing with my trt. she now keeps saying that lithium is heavier drug than Zyprexa and that I don’t need it. she cant understand that I wasn’t living on Zyprexa :frowning: . its she who wants me to stop my lithium now… but I want to see tomorrow, yeap…

Your mother is not a doctor. Your treatment is between you and your doctor. Your mother does not get a say!


Led, my doc talks to my mom too. I can lie sometimes on how I feel or just say the opposite of the truth. For example, when I was at my worst, I was just saying that I am fine while I was really bad… whatever, I cant change my mom, she is authoritarian…
But could it be just a coincidence my bad day cause it was really bad? I am afraid… did you have very bad days in the start of some of your meds? it was tough…

Make sure to do BMP (Basic metabolic Panel) and check Lithium levels. Should be between 06 - 1.2 mmol/L and once in that range it will exert it’s therapeutic action at an efficacy that is proven to work.

I am taking 900 mg BID, twice per day, and my blood levels were around 0.4 but i also have been drinking a ton of coffee (Caffeine decreases lithium blood levels) so my readings are not accurate.

Point is: talk to psychiatrist, get blood levels right, lithium works when taken right, just have to try things out and if you use nicotine or THC i recommend you stop using both, they interfere with medications like antipsychotics and mood stabilizers.

Good luck!


I have definitely had bad days before the meds really had a chance to work. Even now, when I’m otherwise stable in my meds, I still have bad days sometimes. Meds can’t fix everything. They just help.

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By moments it kills my emotions and i think too much. This gives me headaches. Its not good that i have these moments i find. I am all anxious then… i am not sure this will stabilize. Do you find it normal to have all kind of states like this? Because of the zyprexa i have those “heavy” eyes… so on one hand, i have more energy on lithim, but in my soul i am dead… its painful… i wish i had some feelings and the calm with them :neutral_face:. Sorry to annoy you once again, but i just look for people who were such a mess in the start of some meds.

Maybe I’m not understanding you correctly, but meds can’t fix all your problems. They can help you get to a point where you’re able to help yourself, but you still have to put in a lot of hard work with therapy and self improvement to “fix” certain things. It sounds like you’re looking for a perfect pill combo where all your problems will be solved and you’ll feel great and that’s just never going to happen. Meds can only help so much. You have to do the rest.


LED, its just that I have some tasks to do those days and I feel as ■■■■… My mother doesn’t want to help me anymore. If it weren’t those tasks, I would keep the lithium. But I have terrible headaches now because of it, my eyes get heavy per moments. whatever…I would like a minimum of a stable state, not this rollercoaster :frowning: . I guess my illness is a rollercoaster by itself and the meds are messing with this.
I am really sorry to all of you here that you should listen to such a poor and desperate state of mine, I know its not good what I make now :confused: .

I agree with what others have said, it’s normal to have some days worse than others, it’s just part of being human. And like you say Anna, you might be anxious because you have to go out, I know that makes me anxious. I think you should keep taking the meds as prescribed by your doc and see how you feel tomorrow, or maybe even continue them until after you’ve been out, to see if you feel better afterwards. Best wishes.

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Frings, its like the med is trying to make his way now. I have some brief moments where its unblocks all my anxiety and my illness. But it lasts seconds. I am not sure its good. Today, the rest of the day, its quite tough, I feel in pain and differently. Gosh, my mother messes too much with my happiness :confused: She wants me to stay just on Zyprexa, while I was unhappy as an animal on it… She keeps saying that ill never be happy with this illness and ill be forever alone. what a mother!!! and now, she is just tired by me on everything yeah…

whatever… but yes, its terrible when your own family doesn’t want to fight for you anymore and just treats you as a poor schizophrenic soul…

My days are hard too, it’s a hard illness to live with :confused: If you only get a lift for a few seconds that isn’t very good… Why does your mom not want you to take lithium? I think your pdoc knows which meds are best for you, she or he understands mental illness better.

My family aren’t very good too, it sucks but… that’s life :confused:

You have to fight for yourself, Anna. You’re the only one who can.

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Ok, rhubot, I got this :frowning: I am dumbass to speak against my mother, but today she told me that she is in desperate state too. She lives with her tv and only me since 12 years, imagine… Frings, my mother says that I have too much meds. she doesn’t believe in recovery anymore. she saw me agitated today(but it was an energy finally too) and she says lithium is worse than Zyprexa. Me, I don’t find it worse. But frings, I was so ill and so looow for years, maybe its not so strange that it unblocks me only for seconds? I feel differently also the other time of the day. I was dead emotionally on Zyprexa and anxious around people.