I am sorta writing a novel

It’s helping me exorcise my demons. A lot of it is just prose about growing up in California in the 80’s. Also some poems too. :v:


How awesome! I wish I knew how to write. I have considered writing a fiction novel but haven’t the foggiest where to start. I thought about joining some writing groups on MeetUp.com and still might if I can get my energy up.

Anyway, good on you :slight_smile: That’s great.

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Cool. Writing can be really therapeutic. I hope it’s a fruitful process for you. :relaxed:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I just wrote a poem for the novel/novella.
I would share it, but it’s kinda dark.


That’s OK. Share it. We’d love to hear it.


Thank you @animalmineral :slight_smile: yes, it has been rather therapeutic. It’s helping me get rid of some bad childhood memories.

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Oh it’s about child abuse and some other stuff. I can PM it to you. I am unsure if it would be healthy for the community. I kind of wrote it about several men I knew growing up. @47average


aha. I see. I was abused as a child too. Emotional, physical and sexual. Sadly, we are not alone. It blows my mind when I meet someone who had a great childhood free of abuse like my children. It almost seems unusual but I suppose not. Send it over if you’d like. I won’t be put off. It can’t be too awful if you’re planning on publishing it.


California dreaming childhood in the 80’s…sounds like we have a lot in common, although my childhood was almost a decade earlier, we’re talking about California.
That’s good to share your demons, you’d be surprised how much it helps others to hear what you’ve been through, so yeah, good for you for using writing to heal. It’s very health to have an outlet for all those emotions, very good for you.
Good luck and I hope it helps you to heal.

I hope you’ll share some of your stuff, maybe a warning label if you feel it might trigger some, but if you don’t,I understand and I’ll wait for your book. :smile:

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Haha thank you @Csummers! I appreciate the encouragement. :slight_smile: Yeah Cali was a trip back in the 80’s and even up until the early 90’s.

It is helping, quite a bit I think. I might share some poems in the future, but ya, trigger warning(s) for sure.

Good to hear it’s helping. I used to write in a journal everyday, many times a day, especially when I was angry.
It served no other purpose than to get these problems off my chest. No one ever needed to read them, but wow did I feel different after spilling my heart out on paper.
It was good medicine.
Hope this can do same good for you. Life sure looks different when you write stuff down.

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Very true. Memories fade over time. Therefore I think it’s good to put the good, the bad, and the ugly in a time capsule.

Edited to add - I am glad your journal helped you out with those problems.

i write much poetry too. i don’t write much about myself in it though, because i would scare readers with my sz thoughts. sometimes i do put bits and pieces about myself into my writings though, like when my grandmother passed away or when i moved.

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