I am so bored and so free

I am into day 5 of no gaming and no porn,I am at work now but it’s just so boring that I don’t want to do anything,or you can say I am lazy.

I don’t call that lazy I call that not wanting to be at work cause it’s boring and its work… I get the porn thing but why no gaming?

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I am seeking change,I am hoping stop gaming can lead me to somewhere,like an improvement

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O nice… Change is good… And improvements are even better…got a goal in mind?

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My goal is to get a girlfriend,recover from schizophrenia/psychosis and lastly have a better quality of life.These are my life goal for the next 5 years…

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Well I hope ur life is more than 5 years…lame joke…
Those are great goals… Do u have a plan or just going on a wim?

Like my goal is to figure out if there delusions or real… So I’ve been saving money every month to go to isreal in 3 years… Maybe there’s answers there IDK… bit it’s my plan…

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I don’t have a concrete plan,I just do my daily stuff like exercise everyday,try to be active socially and going to work everyday even though I don’t like it very much,I really don’t have any plans towards my goal,but I can see improvement of myself Compare to a few years ago

Awesomeness! Self improvement is always a plus… Keep at it… sees like u got a brainstorm of a plan… Working out-better quality of life… Socializing-girlfriend… Work-recovery… IDK why works recovery but that’s what my pdoc case manager therapist and parents say so maybe it is?.. Anyways…


haha … Just kidding… I just got off work so hyper tired…where u work… U might have said before but my memory bout certain things isn’t that great.

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I am from Malaysia,I work for my parent as a salesperson,it’s a family business.There are pros and cons of working as a salesman,but I have learned something as a salesman though and it probably had helped

O wow…so u get to deal with people like… All the time… Hugh?

Yes…(15 char)

O fun?.. So what do u sell… Or r u a black marketer and u can’t tell me? Lol just kidding…

I’ve heard that a person who can make it as a salesman is considered very valuable executive material. I guess they’d be good negotiators.

Id like to be a salesperson, dealing with a computer and engineering alone all day seems so boring