I am psychotic and do not want to stay this way

i cant even deal with the voices anymore i just give up im stuck with this shitty illness for life and i either have to be crazy or sane but unhealthy physically and fat, i dont even know why i am allowing my self to suffer when the voices could be quiet again within a few weeks but i really dont want to gain all the weight i lost back if i go back on zyprexa and i already am eating alot on abilify im not gaining weight tho because i am still using myfitnesspal to eat at maintenance i dont know

im gonna stay on abilify i guess and if a higher dose doesnt help than im just ■■■■■■
completely i feel like the higher dose isnt gonna help me because i am unlucky so im prob goning back on zyprexa

I notice the they are doing combinations of AP’S more often lately. Maybe your pdoc could find a good combination for you. Don’t give up hope.

Seroquel has fewer side effects. If you are still hearing the voices, might give this a try. Can be used for sleeping pill at 50 mg cut in pieces and taken 1 hour before you want to sleep…Not sleeping enough puts the weight on the women BADLY. Seroquel at doses over 200 mg can mess up metabolism so try keeping it below this. Trazadone is cheap and nice sleeping pill. I don’t think this will affect your weight.

I had been on risperdal costa 75mg for 3 years without voices stopping and clinic started to price gouge it too bad as I lived alone and just couldn’t afford shots that didn’t work. Switched to pills to satisfy the DR. She agreed to Ambien…I went off risperdal pills quietly and just took the ambien and weight came off lifting weights 2xs week and 2 mile walk daily. 90 lbs in 11 months…Ambien is expensive unless you have Medicare SilverScript part D plan.

Will help you greatly to build up some muscle mass lifting weights if female…Will burn LOTS more calories and help you keep weight off. South Beach Diet is really good for psych meds metabolism problems and easy diet with normal foods…Can just switch to this diet to maintain weight loss too.

I had/have med’s resistant psychosis for 13 years now NON-STOP. Worked, school, lived alone and socialized…As long as I sleep, I function but ambien is a rationed drug so if you take more than 1 pill a night (like too heavy over 260 lbs maybe female as dose is limited to 10 mg), you will have to go without any sleep pills for a while at end of month before you can refill). Weight is really high after too many years with bad mental care that didn’t care about sleep. You can get used to hearing it and function with it as background noise. If experiencing social problems can benefit you greatly just to abandon the troubled spots - sports and movies are nasty here while arts isn’t bad. Fewer white collars are psychotic while blue collars are looney toons sometimes the work can be easier.

Talking to self aloud can keep voices going longer.

If you had an argument before the voices started, need to avoid anyone you met through these and not talk about it. May be stalked, just say ‘we are okay’ once and never talk to them again. Can benefit you to pick up a roommate/relationship or move back with family for while if you don’t feel that safe at home or you are getting vandalized or stalked too much near home.

May be told some follow orders from voices, I think these end up as crazier. Some are churches who do the ‘wrath of GAWD’ approach to treating some members of community who are usually victim of some kind of abuser like ex-wives, rape victims, activists, screwed out of bad employers, spoke up against churches or unwilling mistresses who moved to wrong place alone. Know some people who just stay away from places where the voices turn on if you find a pattern to a certain location or being around a certain person…If you avoid these and refuse to follow commands, voices may not be so bad.