I am paying for all of us to meet, pick a country

right i have money a lot of money…so i was thinking we could all meet …all paid for…pick a country


You have money?
Well…hi, Pedro :smoking: I didn’t realize how cute you are…





cute??? i was diagnosed handsome at the tender age of 21, haha…

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how about Italy

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how about costa rica we can right horses through the jungle and meet the spirit gods of the unknown rivers and valleys

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I’ll mail you my diagnoses. :wink:

you said pick…
italy is awesome too

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the afters will be in costa rica…

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Croatia, people. It has a sea and stuff that goes with it and it’s cheaper than most of you are used to.

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any diagnose begining with the letter t is barred

Lets meet at the most beautiful place in the world. …
anchorage alaska

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well i am a millionaire so we all can decide

If it’s all paid for, then Kyoto! Or Ireland.

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I have slow circulation I can’t stand the coldness.

Wow you are kinda all over the place.

I suggest we all meet in Canada, eh?


-hot french gals


-great beer

-and ME!



all welcome to paradise island courteys of billy ray

Ooooh, I could be convinced to try Dalmatia.

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the movie ‘‘trading places’’ anyone see it??? starring eddie murphy