I am not surrendering to psychiatrist


Risperdal keeps me delusion free, thats the only benefit i get from the med. the rest of the symptoms i have and i have treated and improved with vitamin about 80%. Soon i will start with a different vitamin that improves another 15%
For the 5 percent i guess i need to do a neurotransmitter test. If God willing i found out the cause and the treatment, i will live symptom free, if not 5% with symptom, i think i can handle it… So far i reduced my med to 1.75mg… I hope i dont go into depression, thats the first sighn i notice.

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@Mindwhisperer how many milligrams of Risperdal are you on now? How are you doing at this dose, Im thinking of lowering my 2mg of Risperdal down to 1.5mg if I can handle it, I’ll see


If you haven’t already, try dropping the gluten, dairy, and sugary foods (like soda and sweets), and you should notice a big difference. One teaspoon of sugar is roughly 4g, so when you look at the back of the soda bottle and read 65g of sugar, try to visualize actually spooning 16 teaspoons of sugar into your mouth. Also, try adding Braggs apple cider vinegar, odorless garlic tabs, and probiotics into your regular diet to help out your digestive system. Good luck to you! I have had some success with this, but it is difficult to stay away from all of the bad food choices that are pushed in front of our faces.

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If you don’t mind me asking, what vitamin or vitamins are you taking that have reduced some of your symptoms by about 80 percent?

I do wish you success with the treatment approach that you’re trying.



I am on 1.75 mg of risperdal, i am doing fine. I usually don’t hallucinate. I have a depression issue and delusion. Usually 1.5mg will still keep me delusion free, but i cant guarantee if my mood will remain stable. So for now i am staying on 1.75mg. I am thinking of switching med. the side effect of risperdal seems are getting worse day by day. Probably it has caused permanant neurological damage already.


Totall amino acids, alpha gpc, and i will start with citicoline.

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Thanks, Mindwhisperer. I myself have taken phosphatidylcholine, which may be similar to citicoline and alpha gpc, and I noticed what seemed to be some temporary benefits from it. Maybe I’ll try the alpha gpc or the citicoline, or even the total amino acid supplement. Good luck with the citicoline, and thanks again for your prompt response.



instead of meds i did vitamins/minerals high doses, no sugar , no alcohol, vegetarian diet, hypnotherapy, this keeps me pretty stable most of the time.
i am not symtom free, it did not cure me, but normally it keeps me stable.
take care
p.s this has been a lot of trial an error and patience .to get to where i am now.
good on you and hang in there


You made a good choice darksith… When i started med i didn’t have side effects, so i thought its a miracle drug… Now its not easy to quit meds. It has already altered my brain chemical…

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