I am looking for love

I am looking for love but due to a lot of other issue,I end up loveless or without love.


Hope u will find cute girl friend soon…i gave up this idea…!!!

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U never know when it happens :slight_smile:.

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i put looking for love on hold until i get more income

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I want 14 million first then love

Love is harder to find compared to money… money seems like it would only make true love harder to find tbh…

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but I was born into a poor family…were you born into a rich family??? @flameoftherhine

Everyone is worthy of love however I never found it
Remember that there are lots broken relationships out there
Sometimes you might feel better off on your own but we can hope that maybe one day
You never know

So what… my family was probably poorer than yours… somehow i did not catch envy of the rich mans gold…


I just want to get out of debt and pay bills without worrying every month.
But I don’t want too much money or expensive things to replace the worry of no money…


you missed my point …no harm done…

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When I was in NY i went in saks 5th where i order from clearance usually and i could not afford anything. Cheapest item was my weekly income.

I thought i am so lucky to do this much anyway. I should push myself a lot more.

It is worth to be successful, make money, travel, shop in NY… stay in boutique hotels. I love it. Wish I could work full time, I totally would but what I have is good enough… I just want more and more and better.

It is nice to marry someone rich too. So if you are single, find someone rich :-))

There is a limit though and certain rules about money and love.

What point did i miss… you have assumed i have money on several occasions… if you recieve any benifits you have more money than i do. Starting poor means very little and is not a justification for wanting extreme amounts of money… i agree with @Hedgehog view on it…

No offense @mermaid1 but I respect your beliefs but I don’t see any advantage of shopping in New York for a relationship. I don’t need to shop all that much. Maybe it’s my gender, but I’m way different. How did you like New York though? Where did you go? I should’ve suggested you to go to Arthur Avenue. It’s where my mom grew up, they have the best Italian food in the whole city but I forgot.

I think you misunderstood me. Being able to afford luxury is much fun than wanting something you can not have. I love it, it pleases me.

I saw a boutique hotel I could not afford… It is in one of the high building with an amazing view… it is a very nice experience for a couple to go and stay in a room like that together, don’t you think?

It’s okay… Thank you. I had so much fun though… surely I’ll visit a couple more times in the coming years.

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i’m not telling you the point you missed

Oh I see what you’re saying. You’re saying Gtx should get money so he can impress the girls?

I was talking to Hedgehog… I did not respond to GTX… but finding a source of income is a good starting point for a seeking a relationship as long as you are capable. When I am physically and mentally capable, I push myself.

When you want to have something, it will not drop out of heaven into your arms. You work for it, you go after it, you do your best because no one will do it for you.

At least here the government helps a bit. But relationship… depends what kind of relationship you are looking for I guess?

As for a rich husband… yeah it is a great bonus…