I am Israeli, severe schizophrenia, and high life satisfaction!

I have to keep up the good job!!
I must be doing something right, my physical health is improving by leaps and bounds,
my cognitive functioning is also improving,
I feel awesome!!!


What meds are you on?

I am not taking any medications. @latenightsurfer

Were you diagnosed with SZ?

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Hope you didn’t stop meds. I Know I always feel best after I quit meds then i crash


I got admitted to the hospital 4 times thinking I was alright… don’t want anyone to go that route.


Did you quit your meds?

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I’m just curious. How can you say you have both severe sz and high life satisfaction at the same time? I would think that the one would cancel out the other. Unless of course, you are hypomanic. I would see a doctor if I were you. It’s not smart to go off of your meds.

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good man, I hope you keep it up!

Yes he has some impressive mood swings, one day he is the most positive and happy person of the forum, the next day he is overwhelmed by intrusive thoughts and the third day he wants to die.

Lol, he is like me sometimes :slight_smile:

I highly doubt that you suffer with severe schizophrenia @Chess24.
You semi function without meds.


Sounds more like manic-depressive disorder

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@SkinnyMe It seems so obvious today about what you said, “Having schizophrenia and having a highly satisfying life seem in contradiction.” But I was swamped with so many distractions I did not realize the truth of that. Now that I am recovering I see what I miss and I crave a little more out of life.

I wouldn’t make any blanket statements about the illness that @Chess24 suffers from. He could very well have some form of sz. But also maybe with a mood component of some type. But remember, we are not psychiatrists. Only his pdoc can say for sure.