I am improving

My negative symptoms are dissappearing, Im doing productive things with my days. Today I showered and brushed my teeth after 3 days like in the past. I took the bus down to the bank and now Im gonna sort some administrative stuff. I feel fresh its been 2 years sinc my relapse. Maybe Ill be able to work again. I prefer disability tho cause its easier and I make more money. Hope they wont cut it. Im managing stuff and have organized a move back to my home country in scandinavia after rain comes the sun they say.


Good. My negatives have disappeared too


Good. My negatives are also receding, i think go on disability too - and live in Scandinavia, Denmark, all ready. It’s cold and sunny at the moment.


my negatives are still strong but i learned to live with them… i think i accepted them…

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Thats interesting.nowadays i m also keen on brushing my teeth.

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