Negative symptoms are back

They come and go. I hate them. They improved for 2-3 weeks, I have been playing video games alone for 3hrs everyday, today none and feel like ■■■■. I still play 1h almost daily Cod with online buddies though.

Well tomorrow I will try to play video games and watch yt travel videos with my father or alone again.

Idk how they improved, maybe bcz of the L-Dopamine supplement idk but I had stopped it a few days before the improvement.

That’s good. Today I’m feeling much better. I was panicking for 2 days and now feel my symptoms are in remission.

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My negative symptoms are back too. They disappeared for a while when I was living with my former partner but now, they’re back. They could just be depression. I need to take a depression test.

I took the online Alpha depression test. I scored zero points so, I have no depression. So, I guess it’s negative symptoms.

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Its due to macuna. It slightly improved your dopamine levels.

The downside of dopamine improving things is it can down regulate dopamine. Its like mild cocaine.

ah that sucks that the negatives became worse again =/
i hope they will improve again…

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What happened ?!
I thought things were going very well between you and your significant other ?


Yes, I thought so too. And then, one fine morning, she told me she wanted to live alone, and slapped me with an eviction notice. No one was more surprised than me. But fortunately I was ready. I moved out the very next day and I’ve never been happier. Really!

I’ve been treating myself really well lately and this is really helping. I moved into a nicer apartment than I normally do. Two bedroom, two bathroom with balcony facing courtyard. A new smart TV with Netflix and YouTube premium. An hour long appointment with a masseuse every month, and an hour long appointment with a Spanish tutor every week.

I feel I deserve all these little perks after enduring and wasting 16 years of my life with this roller coaster of a woman.

I’ve blocked my phone number. No more.


Well I am back to gaming and watching youtube after an hour of posting this thread. But idk if its an improvement in negative symptoms as I am just escaping reality and living in a virtual world, it sure isn’t as good as when I was on Abilify with less negative symptoms living more the real life but at the same time the virtual world makes me forget my negative symptoms and make me feel normal.


I’m no doctor. But when I’m having any symptoms at all, positive or negative, I just try to do what makes me feel the best. I wouldn’t worry too much about escaping.

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