I am going to challenge for the title of Israel's chess champion

I am going to challenge for the title of Israel’s chess champion.


I’m thinking of sneaking into a casino to play some blackjack.


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I will challenge all of europe

Avoid China – the women there will kick your butt.



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This isn’t the first time you’ve posted about young Asian girls. You’re fixation with them is creeping the sh!t out of everyone on this forum.

Sorry you got called a creep @anon39054230. That’s a word that is hard to come back from.

Maybe we could dial it down next time. You both have the important things in life in common.

I am jelly of you both!!!

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Anytime you’d like to have a chess game, let me know. I’m pretty good and play twice a week with my brother.

You sound like you’ll kick my butt, but I’m up for a whirl just the same.

I like curvy older women with great legs (Tina Turner - sooooo hot). You really need to pay closer attention.


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