Someone sabotaged my chess24 play

There is nothing surprising about it, to be honest.
I want to be a lecturer of mathematics at the Hebrew University.
I do feel the hostility directly in my head.
I also feel it indirectly.

I have difficulty getting friends, and every time my situation improves I get attacked either by psychosis

or by intrusive thoughts.

So it is not surprising that I experience sabotage on the computer , as well.

you don’t sound well…are you on meds still? nobody is sabotaging you !!

No, NO MEDS for me!!
Of course I am being sabotaged, and that is most unfortunate.


It was a computer glitch.

Were you playing white or black when you weren’t able to move your rook?

It is not one time, it is multiple times.

Maybe it was a mouse slip.

If playing white, did you try to move your rook a8-a5 ?

It is NOT a mouse slip, the board becomes a mess after I castle.

Maybe a computer glitch?

No, it is not a glitch, Israel wants to sabotage me and prevent me from getting achievements in the spheres
I like most, which are Chess, Mathematics, Russian and Arabic languages.

When castling, do you move both the king (or queen) and rook? Or just one piece?

Voices telling me to go to Ukraine.

Did you exercise today?

Yes @anon17132524, I did exercise, I did well in the exercising, although the voices made it more difficult to exercise.

You need to learn Ukrainian then, I have been reading your chess game, I am not quite sure if you two @anon17132524 and @Chess24 are playing chess together ?

Good for you. That’s the tenacity you’ve talked about.

@mjseu Use your brain.
Ukraine is a very bad country to be in.
There is a very narrow layer of the population in Ukraine that feels well, and I won’t be among it.

Israel has many great chess players.

Are you familiar with Boris Gelfand?

funny thing about chess (the game) i played a friend last week and he is a bit of a genius, i have beaten him once but a few times i’ve been down in my game (made stupid moves due to lack of concentration etc) but last time i played him i was beating him (think it was a fluke) and i could have check mated him but it ended up a stalemate, i havent ever stalemated anybody before but apparently i found off of another guy that plays, the person with the best pieces wins in a stalemate, i didnt know that, so i guess i won that game lol.

No, a stalemate is a draw.

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Ukraine’s economy is not doing so well and then there is this conflict in eastern Ukraine, some cities might be interesting to visit, Odessa and Kiev.