I am getting paranoid over my "friend"

I think that since I got this job I have been feeling extremely paranoid. I think it is stress bringing this on.

When I last contacted my friend it was when my grandmother passed away and I just wanted advice on whether I should go or not to the funeral. She didn’t respond to this message and has not messaged since. I find this weird as she is always usually quick to respond.

I saw her as she lives a few streets away as I was passing. She was very awkward. My partner says maybe she feels embarrassed she didn’t respond.

But I have jumped to the conclusion that she has accessed my medical records as she works in a hospital.

What’s the big deal if she did access your medical records?
What are you afraid of?

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Well, she shouldn’t be. It’s not her place. Plus she does not know i have sz or bipolar or whatever . that is private for me.

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She is also pretty ignorant of those things, so I don’t tell her. But then again, if that is how is she. I shouldn’t really be friends with her or is she really a friend.

When I switched psychiatrists, the new psychiatrist made me sign a paper to authorize her to access my psychiatric file.

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Well let’s say she did take a look at your medical records and now she’s ignoring you?
Then she’s not a true friend and you haven’t lost much

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You live in the US?

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Yeah that’s what I am also thinking. If she did and she’s seen something she does not have authorised access to, then maybe it’s a sign I should not have that type of “friend”.

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No I live in the UK.

Again, everyone, I know this is paranoia. I can’t shake it. And I am worried how I am going to be at the new job.


Oh, I see. Laws here protect that stuff, but UK probably does too. Because you are right, it is not her place to have access or know.

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I think the fact that you used quotations around “friend” says a lot @ish.

Friends should be there for one another when times get tough-- she couldn’t even respond to one text, and this is when your grandmother passed away, at that.

It’s true, she might feel awkward about the fact that she didn’t respond, and that’s why she’s been a little avoidant lately.

But still, she should have said something.

Personally speaking, I’ve been left so many times by people that I’m very hesitant to let others into my life.

…Sometimes, it’s just better being a lone wolf.

You might just be a little paranoid about her snooping through your medical records, though. But I understand how you feel.

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That’s illegal.

Yeah , my partner said it was selfish of her as she could have at least responded to say “do what is comfortable for you”… maybe thats why she was akward. I feel the same about making friends.

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I know I am being paranoid. But I don’t know what else to think. She would be shocked to see what’s there.

I think you can relax about that. Maybe remind yourself that it’s illegal of her to look every time you feel paranoid. I’m sure there’s some other explanation.

I’m sorry your friend isn’t responding to you. That’s gotta feel really bad.

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