I am disappointed with the summer

The summer started very nicely when it was 30 celcius here where I am, but now it has been just 10-15 celcius, I am hoping that it gets warmer. Well, I suppose there is something good in everythng, at least now I can wear my fall clothing. How is your summer?

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I have a feeling that it will be very boring but the weather has been pleasant. I’m just glad I managed to put the air conditioner in the other day as it’s been hot and very humid the past couple days and now that we have air conditioning my cat and I are fairly content.

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Its been a pretty idyllic summer here in upstate NY. 85-90 degrees F the past few days with some thunderstorms here and there. My vegetable garden is flourishing.

We haven’t had any heat waves yet like last year where I live. Much more temperate.

hmmmm a few days ago it was 108 degreesF here. Our air conditioner doesn’t work. Hasn’t worked but one day in 2 and a half years (no heater either). Can’t afford to get it fixed. It stayed 87.7 degrees inside our house for a few days.
Got a flat tire a few days ago so haven’t been able to go anywhere either.
@mjseu I give you all the extra heat you can handle if you want it.

it’s actually quite nice here, we’ve turned off our air conditioner and opened the windows for a while. It’s currently 76 degrees with broken clouds throughout the skies. Humidity is only 50% and occasionally there’s a light breeze.

Had to wear a sweatshirt today. :scream_cat:

What? is this global cooling? It was high 80s and 90s last week and 80s before that in June, now in July yesterday it suddenly dropped to 77 and just 72 F today…
Usually July is mid to high 90s… I lit a small fire in the stove this morning because it was in the low 50s and cool in the house.

Oh yeah, I screen shotted this… 777

The weather is showing 7 days of rain for my area next week. :scream_cat: