I Am Dead I'm Afraid

Years ago they found a cure
But it turned out to be poison
And death soon followed
I went to the Psych Ward
Over and over again
They drugged me out of existence
They took away my sexuality
They took away my iniative
They took away my drive
And my soul went last
When they took me home to die
So as a ghost I floated around
And found no one cared what i did
I ate
I drank
I cleaned up
But I didn’t live
When I visited my family
They said a few polite things to me
But otherwise talked like I didn’t exist
So I knew I was dead
The World I used to know
Had moved on
The music I used to like
Is not cool any more
My nation is not the same as it was
The World has changed so dramatically
I don’t recognize it any more
I pass the time
And do little else
Nothing special lies down the road
But death
But I imagine that if I fail to pay my rent
The outside air will remind me
That I am still alive
In an unpleasant way
Maybe I’m not as dead as I think I am
After all


I like the poem…you aren’t dead by the way. Have to finish the race !

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U killed me too