I am afraid of people reading my mind

People saying that they are going to kill me and that they want me dead. There’s this girl from my high school who says everyday she wants me dead and laughs and makes mean comments I don’t know why . People think I am a Nazi or pervert but I don’t say anything racist or perverted. I have people pick on me. I don’t want to die. I have someone in my body and mistreating me I don’t want them to know or they will get worse. They don’t care if I die and I don’t know why. I am a good person but someone makes me feel awful. They don’t understand. She said this and that they say. They blame me for saying things or thinking but why does it matter. I can’t stand them.

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Sounds like you need a med adjustment

I had a med adjustment

Afraid of these people. I want my privacy. They are abusive.

Thinking people are reading your mind and want to kill you is not normal it doesn’t sound like the meds are working you may need to try a different med

Don’t worry they aren’t the real people. They just sound like them.

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Thanks. People laughing at me I hope not.
I want to say be quiet in a nice way.

I’m worried about people reading my thoughts too :confused:

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I get some form of this too. I wont explain as i dont want to cause you to think it too. Its not fun

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I used to experience people reading my mind, and it no longer bothers me. I eventually stopped caring if people knew my thoughts and have learned to live with it by accepting who I am and knowing that I am not a bad person. We all have weird thoughts some times and they don’t necessarily define us.

Don’t be afraid, no one wishes you harm. Your thoughts are private.


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