I am afraid i cut my hair too short :( ... Is it so bad?

I couldn’t well explain to the hairdresser what I wish, so she cut me quite short… My mom says its a masculine haircut and its not nice :confused: … I will want to hide my head now when I go out :confused:

Does it look soo bad? Guys, is it too masculine really?
Take care all!


Your hair style looks nice and suits you @Anna1.
It will grow soon anyway, so be patient.


Looks fine to me. Well done on getting out to the hairdresser. I need a haircut too.


The difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut is 3 weeks. It grows back when you don’t like.:grinning:


It looks beautiful! The same thing happened to me recently. The hairdresser misunderstood what I was saying and chopped it. I also want to hide, but we can’t! We have to push through! You don’t look like a boy!

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Thank you, dear LouiseG. Well, ill wait. I don’t explain well, this is sure. My mom says I look gay now lol and not trendy, too short for my plus size face… I want to know if I just look shockingly short… Do you guys prefer longer hairs?
Thanks everhopeful too :slight_smile: This time I am decided to fight and go out more… But I feel doped with this Zyprexa, but ill try to go out. I still think, that I need years on the meds to recover. I saw easier cases, with just an anxiety, who needed an year to get better. So me, I need even more, cause my case is heavier…

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I have two aunts who keep short hair and are certainly not gay. Don’t listen to your mom. You look fine.

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I think it suits you. It’s probably easier to look after as well. You should shave the back and sides too, I think that looks cool

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I love it diverse. I change my hairstyles sometimes.

I think it looks nice :unicorn::unicorn::unicorn:

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It looks alright @Anna1 especially when you wait a few weeks it will grow nicely to suit you more. I’m also getting a haircut next week, just a trim though.

Lots of girls wear that hairstyle and they’re not all gay. Lots of straight women wear their hair like that. It’s cute and if it’s too short just grow it out. :slight_smile:


I love short hair and wish I could cut mine like that but my husband prefers long.
You look nice!


Saadiqah, happy birthday with a bit of lateness! All the best and lots of health and happiness!!!


I think you had an autocorrect to a very offensive word in your post.

I understand hair frustration.

Try hair extensions until it grows out longer. A ball cap or wig may be your other hair hiding options.


I like it. I’m partial to short hair. Doesn’t look too masculine

Not at all, it frames your face well. Wonderful thing about hair is that it always grows back and we can play with it

I think it was just a translation error. That word just means late in other languages. I edited it for you @Anna1


I think it suits you!