I accidentally found a treatment for negative symptoms i think

Hi, i’m not new here, been visiting for years

last weekend, something strange happened, i suffer from severe treatment resistant negative symptoms

i was playing with my cat, and he’s a male cat sometimes he scratches me, so because i don’t have tetanus shot, i wanted to disinfect the wound and i used an anti septic called cedium benzalkonium 1mg in spray form, (also i tried minocycline and it worked but gave me IBS where i took an pro biotic for its much better now but it’s too dangerous)

yey, so i continue my discovery talk : )

within 1-2 hours i felt my mood improvement, the negatives symptoms

I am sick for 18 years now, severe negative symptoms, theres no change in med for 6 years same dose etc

It’s seems only available in Belgium Europe but its an anti septic spray that i did twice on my small cut from the cat scratch

i’m not affiliated with this company, i am trying to help you guys, i am enjoying myself after years of suffering a bit

there’s also a possibility i have undiagnosed lymes (that would be very bad too)

Does this has anti biotic properties, does anyone know what it does and how it works please i would like some answers!!!

I also took few years back panotile eardrops (cipro anti biotic inside) and it worked but not the second time

I already emailed the company for an explantion on why this is happening… it’s too early for some intel

I hope this gives hope to other people… : D this new discovery


Interesting. But yes, you could have undiagnosed Lyme disease or something.

Edit: I was on antibiotics for a while and they made me much worse.

Nice find hopefully it keeps working for you, I wonder what it is that makes negatives go away?

hey all, i quit the therapy i only used it twice, because i need to know the truth behind this, but it’s still working on negatives yay : ) it’s been 48 hours. : )

i hope i discovered something for us all!

i’m very positive it’s not placebo or manic, i am myself just better like i was on minocycline in remission of negative symptoms

Yes, that is in fact the antibiotic I was on. It made me worse while I was on it. I suspect it interacted with abilify.

everhopeful, i just hope i’m onto something, i don’t experience any side effects from this atm…
it’s a disinfect spray… weird… but i am telling the ttruth what is happening to me

i hope it wont go downside : |

Let your doctor know what’s happening. Discuss it with them. It’s possible you have an undiagnosed infection.

I might try it, I’ll let you know if it works.

dmdar, it just happened to me, i need to confirm that it will continue working and not go rogue so please wait a bit a few days till a week till i post more

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guys if it work 4 u definetly it work for us too…
so keep on updating…niece to hear that…take care… :pray:

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yes i will certainly do that as soon i have news, or updates on how i feel and how it goes…

its a weird treatment tho, i had to have from my cat have a little scratch, i was upset with him when he scratched me, but it’s ok again.(in fact he’s my best friend now)

so I
put the anti septic med on it, the thing is it went into bloodstream, do i really need a small wound or will it work by spraying it on my skin a few times that will be the question… long terms side effects are sensitive skin on that spot and prolonged use, maybe that isn’t so bad, if it clears up negative symptoms once and for all… I am God gratefull for this discovery and these better days for sure : )

Main questions are:

  1. Do you need a wound, or just spray on skin and wait till it’s dry and absorbed,
  2. minocycline responder will propably respond this discovery
  3. Is it available in pill form? the medicine is an anti septic, maybe in another form but will it be safe or low side effects…
  4. will bacteria get resistant to this?
  5. Does it has propably anti biotic properties?

so damn strange! i am God gratefull tho for these better days after years of suffering!!!

Talk to your doctor. Please. We’re not doctors here. If you’re responding to an antibiotic then you probably have an undiagnosed infection.

I had to go on minocycline for a while and it made me worse!!

@jeroenp keep on experimenting on it…what the common name of that anti septic…mynocycline…???
we all are feed up with negative symptoms of sz…

I hope you aren’t thinking to wound yourself so you can spray it on a wound, that would be a bad idea

no minocycline is a strong tetra cyclic anti biotic, it will work for neg symptoms but can have dangerous side effects

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yes zenmind i am not planning that, my next trial will be just spraying and let it dry

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That is shockingly bad advice. The misuse of antibiotics is why we have so many superbugs floating around these days. Antibiotics should only be used for the purpose they are prescribed for and on a very limited basis.