Hypothetical. what would you do in this scenario?

so assuming I go back to work I wonder what I will do if I start hearing voices. with meds my voices are almost gone, but I notice I get daytime voices about once every 4-5 months so every 100-150 days.

I find them completely disabling now, more so than before, because im not used to them being in my normal day to day activities.

so I think if I had a voice attack while at work, I would ask my manager if I could go home early as im not feeling well and it’s related to my illness.

do you think that is saying too much or not enough? I wouldn’t want to talk about my condition under normal circumstances.

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I wouldn’t tell my boss I heard voices. I would say I wasn’t feeling well

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I wouldn’t say I’m hearing voices either but I think being sick and needing to go home every 4 or 5 months is ok. That’s only about twice a year. That’s not too much.

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yeah I think you’re both right, just say im not feeling well and need to go home. usually my voice attacks last 2 or 3 hours now. then I calm down and they go away. they used to be all day and it’s funny I functioned fine in some ways, and could hide it in public, although I made a lot of funny facial expressions when I was hearing things both in my head and being talked to by another person.