Huy guys and gals

I’m doing alright today. Came to a few realisations.

How’s everyone tonight


Not too bad. Getting ready to have a later supper.


Enjoy your supper

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Night? Are you in Europe? Sorry my memory sucks.

I’ve been awake for 20 hours so I’m really tired, yo.


Oh no why awake for so long?

Yes indeed I’m a UK gal.

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I love the UK! Do you guys think American accents are cool the same way we think your accents are?

I got up at 8 PM so I couldn’t get to sleep all night, and if I keep sleeping in the day I’ll never get back on a healthy sleep schedule. I do this every now and then to get back on a schedule where I’m up and down with the sun like a normal person.

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Yes I adore your accents! Their awesomeness!

Ok well I really hope you get your sleeping pattern back on track that’s important for us as you know.


I’m doing jiffy and spliffy. :wink:

I got a flu shot at my doctor appointment today.

Got a new hat earlier.

Just got through eating some barbecue chicken. :slight_smile:


I’m okay… probably go to bed soon.

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