How’s everyone doin?

Just wanting to check in with everyone. Had a good weekend at my friends, got our nails done! I’m doing okay today, woke up feeling like crap. Probably cause I slept 15 hours!! Walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes earlier, I wanna do that 5 days a week!

How are y’all?!


That’s great that you walked on the treadmill. :smiley:

Thank you, thank you… I haven’t walked on the treadmill in idk how long

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Hi Human. Sounds like you had a good weekend. I’m really struggling with motivation right now. Also bored and lonely.

Are you in America? What time is it there?

Hi star! Sorry to hear that… hope you can find some motivation. What are you struggling to find motivation to do?

Yes I’m in America, it’s 6:11pm!

What about you?

I’m in the U.K. it’s 2.11 in the morning.

My sleeping patterns are messed up. I sleep all day and am awake all night.

I’m struggling with motivation to wash and clean.

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I’m also wondering if I’ll ever have kids. Don’t feel ready for them yet and I’m 36.

Sorry you can’t seem to find the motivation to clean… I don’t have the motivation to clean either. I barely got myself on the treadmill, but I’m glad I did it

Maybe you aren’t meant to have kids… but who knows, time will tell

That’s cool. I’d like to have a treadmill. Do you usually sleep a lot?

Yeah do u think 45 is to old to have a child?

Normally I sleep like… 9 hours a night… it’s just that I didn’t get much sleep the night before, so I think that’s why I slept 15

I tend to sleep a lot. Do you have any symptoms at the moment?

Nah… I mean if you’re a guy you should be able to have kids for awhile… my grandma was 42 when she had her last kid

I’m female. Are you male or female?

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I’m doing great. Just finished all the day’s responsibilities and the night is mine.

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Ohhhh my bad, I am also a female!

I don’t really have symptoms… not at the moment at least…

What about you? Do you have any symptoms?

Right on!!! Now it’s chillax time😎

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What age are you? 25? I think I remember.

No positive symptoms just lack of energy and motivation.

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