Husband and I Split for a Little While

The plan is that we’ll work on things for a few months and try to come back together but who knows. I don’t have much to say on the topic but I felt like sharing it somewhere.


I hope everything turns out fine for you

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I’m sorry. We are here for you. You still are loved and you have a place here.


I hope you guys get back together. Maybe you could see a marriage counseling service ?

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I am so sorry !! how are you doing with this??

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Good luck @Alice

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Thanks everyone. I’m ok and we are looking at counseling. I’ve spent the night watching a movie with my daughter and eating junk food. That’s been nice.


I’m sorry @Alice. I hope things work out. I think counseling is a good idea.

im sorry to hear that alice…I hope it was a amicable split

I’m sorry. That really sucks.

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