Humour, a cure

I was thinking when i see things with humour i feel less heavy, i even feel i have no illness :point_left:


Laughter is the best medicine, as they say :sunflower:


I will agree.

I remember sitting with my grandmother after her last rounds of chemo, facing the end.

We’d watch silly stuff, tell stories and joke. Stand up comedy, movies, jackass.

Those were the times she was able to forget about her own disease. Even if fleetingly.

Cheers to humor. May we keep it forever like a spark inside.



Yeah it’s good medicine. I know the quote about sense of humor and common sense, do you know it? I think I’m probably preaching to the choir a little, but maybe I’m dating myself on the other hand.

I think about the patriarch of the religion we just baptized my nephew into(Jesus), and I once googled if he had a sense of humor. I suspect he really did.

I love this topic. I blogged once about Titanic(1997) and mentioned being on ‘Gods good humor’.

And one of my first posts on this forum was about humor and small talk capability which I’ve made good strives in since then.

And Don Quixote is chock full of humor… it requires it (I think) bc it lacks a certain suspense. Every word is positive so you know things will work out ultimately.

Just like this topic.


I couldn’t live without a sudden burst of laughter, even when i’m most depressed.

The most fun people i have been hanging out with, all had an diagnosis.

But my sense of humour is a bit different than most “straight” persons, we can laugh together, but often i puzzle why they think something is funny

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Laughter is by far the best medicine !!!

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When i’m really bored and I need a laugh, and often i am, then i google two or three opposite concepts/words. I just did google: “jazz music abilify” and of the results was this:

Abilify is used to treat the symptoms of psychotic conditions such as … gypsy jazz , waltz, old time swing music and ballads of Van Django.


I am too serious sometimes.
I’ve got to be less doom and gloom and more high spirited.

It’s important to maintain a good amount of light hearted sense of humor.

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I’m too serious all the time. I wish I had a sense of humor. I’m sure it would make things easier like you said.


I took laughter yoga once. I didn’t even feel humour before it. By the end if the sessions final class I laughed for real. I don’t find much funny still but when i do I snort laugh. Never used to do that

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