Humor seems to have the potential to effectuate pain relief, strengthen immune function, improve positive emotions, moderate stress, dissociate from distress and improve interpersonal processes

Humor or laughter is an easy-to-use, inexpensive [66], natural therapeutic modality that could be used within different therapeutic settings, with a multi-professional staff whose impact could, at the least, temporarily alleviate some of the daily distress experienced by the seriously mentally ill. It is, therefore, surprising that it has not been widely applied and researched in psychiatric settings, especially since this population is most in need of cost-efficient means to improve quality of life.

Who wants to watch some tape?


Slight problem. I don’t “get” neurotypical humor although I’m pleased that I’m able to recognize it these days, that’s an improvement. The things that I find “funny” are usually “horrifying” to the general public. e.g. The TV show Dexter was a comedy for me.


I always thought you were one of the funniest people on the forum. :slightly_smiling_face: @velociraptor


yep yep

I’ve written comedies for years

totally agree.


I can break down the elements of humor and understand what parts are funny to neurotypicals and why, but the jokes don’t make me laugh. I won a workplace award at Xmas for being one of the funniest staff members because I’ve learned how to use neurotypical humor as social lubrication. I just don’t personally find any of it funny, it’s a tool in my bag and I’m in the habit of using it now.

Edit: I admit that the irony of the situation IS amusing.


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