Could humor be used to treat depression

I think that humor can be helpful. I spend a lot of time alone, but I make jokes about some people who have been in my life in the past. I do it by myself. I think this helps me to counter negative thoughts and depressive moods.


Didn’t help robin williams(RIP)

Might as well pop some boomers

You see … Robin Williams used humor in his movies, but I wonder if he used humor in his private life, we may not know enough about Robin William, I think that humor is helpful, better than crying alone.

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I agree. Robin williams clearly had a very good understanding of humor and creativity to boot. He couldn’t keep himself out of depression though.

I was playing the devils advocate with that one.

I’m laughing all the time at the ■■■■ that happens on this site. It’s very therapeutic

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You see … they have already Devil’s Advocate in Vatican :smiley: actually that is true.

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As they say, laughter is the best medicine


If you can’t laugh, might as well be dead.

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I heard a story about this guy who had terminal cancer. He didn’t accept conventional treatment. Instead, he got all the funny videos he could and played those continuously in his room. He got better. He beat terminal cancer by laughing himself back to health.

Lol WHAT??? BAD advice don’t ya think?

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Thats why am I here lol :smile_cat:
I like to think that i am funny although I probably piss a lot of people as well… :no_good:

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Ur the cult of personality

I was just reading an article another day that showed the last pictures of stars who committed suicide…somewhat creepy but interesting text… There was also Robin’s photo, he was very worn out and thin, and it was just so sad. I was thinking about it later, and I still cant understand why he couldn’t give himself a chance and how he was able to perform such powerful roles at first place.

Because Everyone Gave Up On Him …

I’m not really familiar with his biography …but that makes sense.

Different types of people have different types of humor. I remember one funny thing that happened 20 years ago in Atlanta in one comedy club. Some of my relatives visited me in America and then I and my former US spouse decided to take them to a comedy club. Funnily it was a comedy club where most clients were black. And so we went there and at one point a comedian asked where we were from. After that he started making jokes about people of our origin. My visitors were not used to that type of comedy and they almost started fighting there in the comedy club, but then soon we left. Different types of humor to different people.

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I appreciate when people are able to make fun of themselves. Self- parody and whatnot.
Most of the jokes are based on stereotypes and generalizations anyway, it shouldn’t be taken seriously. Lazy Easternes, workaholic westerns, primitive Balkanians, passionate Italians etc etc.

…And I just got an idea for a thread :slight_smile:

It’s a coded message its not from the doctor its to him(I think you’re among few who even caught what that means)… and it was sarcasm. take care TTP