Human hierarchy of needs---abraham maslow

I am currently reading “the third force” by abraham maslow,I am a believer in his theory which is about self-actualization,in order to live life to fullest according to him we need to satisfy these needs in order:1.physiological needs
2. Security needs
3.Love & belonging needs
4.Self esteem needs
5.Self actualization
Anyone who is interested can read’s_hierarchy_of_needs

In this book I bought,they also mentioned the mentally ill,they say it’s harder for people with neurosis/psychosis to live full life but I believe if we try and live the best we can also live full life


I’m a big fan of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

I’m sort of on the fence about saying that it’s hard to live a full life with mental illness.

Somedays, I would totally agree, other days, I would say… true, it might take a bit more, but it’s not impossible. Besides, what is a full life? I know people with no mental illness who aren’t living a full life. I guess it’s just how I’m feeling on the day as to weather I would agree with this or not.


At the time I read Maslow I thought self-actualization would be just around the corner. My therapist appreciated Maslow very much, but reminded me to consider how few “normal” (sorry for the word) people have creative self-actualizing lives. And how many lack the other needs too.


A lot of people dont know this or just ignore it, but sex is a basic need according to Maslow. Go read up in depth on the physiological bottom tier needs- sex is one of them.

When I learned about this in high school I remember feeling like I was not having my safety needs met. My paranoia was bad even then.

@mortimermouse sex is defitnetly a needs includes in physiology needs of the maslow hierachy

@metime I don’t even meet the safety needs now,I look insecure when I am outside or when visitors is in our house,I look to meet this need

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