How's the weather right now?🚬

Weather of the mind or the weather outside… doesn’t matter?

What are you up to?

How are you feeling?

Tired… work and school today… dinner on the beach… the sun has set… and it’s still warm out…

Internally… concentration starting to slide… bit of hypersensitivity to light and noise right now…

I’ll be going to bed soon…

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Sounds like a full day… I just woke up. Haven’t left the premises in 36 hrs… Gotta find something to do.

Is it around midnight there? It’s about 9:00 p.m. here.

10:50 fifteen characters

Getting out and looking at something new … some fresh air… stretch the legs… enjoy the starts if you can see them… very cool.

I’m waiting for my sis to get back in… she’s still out on the beach…
Trying to be a cool friend and a big brother at the same time… not always easy.


I might do that… A nice bike ride would be great to wake me and kind up break that tension of being stuck in one place for so long…

A walk will have to do though.

My siblings are trying to get a vacation of sorts planned for us all. I can’t afford that though. I’d rather buy all the things that I’d be enjoying at home for years. Travel can wait… I’ll be going to school again soon anyways(hopefully)… The more conservative I am the smoother that whole process is going to be.

I’ll be back in 10 to 15… Imma get that fresh air


it;s 5am here in the uk…i woke at 4am…too late to catch the puppy and her toilet needs so spent the better part of 5 mins clearing up…i’m not giving her a meal now at 5am…her last meal was at around 1am and she will be fed when she wakes again around 6am…it;s just like having a newborn baby but without the nappies (diapers)
dishwasher is loaded and on…i’m just laying here on my bed talking to you and drinking an iced latte…
voices are infrequent right now…so i’m wondering if i should write some poetry :slight_smile: though my eyelids are drooping so i’ll probably be out cold soon, lol

Of course you should.

I just had a couple glasses of coffee. All good in that department. only the brightest starts are shining out there. The are humid and lukecool gotta certain heaviness to it…

I have nowhere to go anyways.

Had a moment where a truck drove by and I had an odd half hallucination… like it was there but it was finally in the proper context that it didn’t matter at all… that it was an extension of my mind and not a real thing… like some kind of facet of a dream… so that was cool.

I get odd voices that come and go… When I have things to focus on it’s not an issue… the idle mind just got removed from a natural monologue so it juts around a lot, but that is getting better. I was a rolling psychosis for a while… escaping that identity has been tough.

Good to hear from you jayne.

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i need to go to the bank… I’ve got a bill going through for 30$ in 13 days… gotta see how much I have aside from that… apparently my dental insurance charge is floating out there for 15$ as well…

I do have 16$ in another account ■■■■ I wish there were more ways to pick up a casual hundred or two each month.

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