How's the people who are off the med's? Keep up the good fight

How are the people in the world who are off med’s doing. I’m interested in hearing. I’m off med’s myself, things are going o.k. As long as i’m off the meds for good long periods i’m happy, that’s progress for my situation anyway. To many years I have spent on med’s feeling as if my life had been completely ruined, I wish I had been one of the one’s who lands on their feet with the med’s so them years never happened. So anyway keep up the good fight, keep punching through

How long have you been off of them? So you stay off the meds till you need them again? I got to the point where I needed them after 1 day.

Stickman,go for what you think is good for you,but sometimes we need to listen to other…I guess listen to what deep in our heart then after that take other people opinion,things will start going well

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i don’t do meds and basically i am fine, i still get the symtoms, just i handle them without the meds.
i have been doing this along time, it is not for everyone.
take care

I’d rather wake up on a morning than stay asleep. I think its best not to go back to sleep also. I don’t like liars, and my god there are some ■■■■■■■ low life peaces of ■■■■ in this world. I wouldn’t piss on them while they where on fire, they don’t deserve to breath the air in which i have been given. Money is worthless.

I’m off med and I am getting better every month. I don’t have positive and negative symptoms. It is possible.