How would you compliment a tall girl?

Look at @Azley,

Understanding how women work!


I did come up with one just in case.

“Well my feelings have always been that the real women always come in your size.”


I once had a girlfriend who was six foot three inches tall. I fell in love with her at first sight. She was sitting down when I first saw her. And her height, upon standing, didn’t put me off at all. I just went up to her and told her that she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, which was kind of true as she was the most beautiful that I had ever seen that was not a model or an actress. That was the start of our rocky, three year relationship. All of my romantic relationships have been rocky, to say the least. What? Is it me?

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Re: How would you compliment a tall girl?

Complimentary compliments

Don’t make it so difficult lol


lol alright man… mister cut throat…

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I would literaly address it and make it a conversation, for example, “I bet a lot of guys hit on you and talk about your slender height, but I reckon that isn’t going to do it. What do you think of guys shorter than you?”

:wink: Then take it from there.

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I knew this girl casually who was really short. One day I met her and she was wearing a yellow top and red pants.

I told her she looked like a fire hydrant!

She was mortified and told me many months later that she would never wear that outfit again. I felt bad about it afterwards.

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This one is funny…

Since when is a person’s height considered an “issue”? :confused:

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poor word choice… (get offended)

I’m 5’11" and would find it strange if someone started commenting on my height; in particular, because being tall has never been an issue of concern for me.

Unless this girl has spots and eats foliage, I would recommend just refraining from commenting on her physical appearance unless she has specifically asked for your feedback. :smile:


This!! 1515151515151515

I would just say “finally! Someone i don’t have to look down to.”

Im not good with physical compliments

I’m tall too but their is a certain body part of mine that I wish was taller. Stand attention and spill the milk.

If it’s a very tall lady then compliment her face . tell her she has a lovely smile and stunning personality{“If she has stunning personality”} Basically treat her like a beautiful individual… non-biased on her height. and you will both enjoy each others company.


Also think of it this way what if she was way short like 3’4" would you tell her she has awesome legs ? " No, just do above." Just the same as if she where 10’ tall… lovely smile pretty eyes, extra.

Sorry for snapping earlier, @Moonbeam

Her height was never an issue… I frankly like it. I just didn’t know how to really wrap my head around it. I kept using some pretty bogus terms to try and describe her to myself.

I mean I’m 6’ 2" I’ve known some tall girls who fell awkward towering over people and all that… I do like them tall… Just wanted to clarify I didn’t mean to use the word issue like it was a complaint lol.


Well the obvious one would be to remind her most super models are tall. But I would find it more endearing to compliment her qualities of her personality. examples: she is funny or kind and such.

Compliment her long legs. Tell her they are graceful and sexy.