How would you compliment a tall girl?

I think the wording is rather delicate as typical standards would have most words be seen as derogatory.

I need some ideas.

Any tall women with a finer coat of brawn mind helping me learn to express my appreciation for sensitively?


Tell her she’s very statuesque.


Lol… I quickly did a google search and found a few opinions.

I think I’m more just looking for a way to frame it up in my mind that I agree with… For use if the girl is already feeling low about it. Girls do get insecure about that sometimes…

Then I can just be like “Nah I like it… you seem like a girl who can carry herself.” As well as that might work… I don’t like the complexity and context… I’d rather find something more simple but still uplifting.

nice legs haha lol i would say that


My sister is 6’1" and she hates in when people mention her height,

Especially when they don’t know her.

I’d compliment her on the same things you would any woman, ignoring how tall she is, just in case she’s sensitive about it.


No I’m aware of that. I think I’ve hit it off pretty well with this one… and if I keep talking to her she’s bound to have a not so confident day… and I just want to feel secure in knowing what to say.

I guess I should rephrase the thread title. What would you say to reassure a tall girl if she was feeliing insecure in her physical self.

The internet provided a couple humorous statements… but they really aren’t want I’m trying to get at at all…

“How’s the weather down there?”

“You know with you there is something I can’t have with most other girls?” she says “what” and then the response “An even game of basketball”

but yeah those aren’t my kind of angle. I ain’t no baller.

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That’s similar to Maria Sharapova’s height.

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I saw a pretty girl when I was picking up a pizza once. Then I stood up and she was taller than me. I saw the beauty before the height. So it’s up to her what to do with that.

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I think those jokes are cute,

She’ll appreciate the humor.

@anon35453467, yes, she’s very tall, but not athletic.

She modeled for a few years, but even that was stretching the limits of her coordination ability.


You are quite the encyclopedia my friend


Compliment her on something that is not related to her physical appearance. Tell her she seems confident, strong, kind, uplifting, charismatic, helpful, smart, funny, there are a lot of things you can compliment that have nothing to do with things she can’t control.


I just know tennis players and their height… Hey Wikipedia is where to find facts! :wink:

And really that goes for everyone. Tall, short, skinny, fat, totally average in every way. Don’t talk about their bodies unless they invite the conversation.


well now I’m paranoid that I actually will… but thank you… I’ll try to be careful

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I find tall women to often be quite attractive. I think I even heard of a study that says they are preferred. Maybe guys put tall women down sometimes as a way to sort of reduce their value?

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I’m a tall female (5’11") and get a little of comments on my height and frankly I hate it. If I had to date a guy I wouldn’t want him to say “you’re so tall!” I would rather he said I’m beautiful or graceful or slender or maybe that I’m like his model.

My husband is half a head shorter than me and sometimes he jokes that we are like a Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman lol! :laughing:


Tall women can be quite good looking. They don’t need to feel insecure about it.


I usually take it as a compliment because it seems to be jealousy of my height.

The worst I got was “aren’t you a tall glass of milk”

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I would also compliment on her inner beauty.

I’m a guy and people can say anything about my physical appearance but if you just met me and call me weird I may offer a facial redesign with extreme prejudice.

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Thanks for the thoughts… I’ve got some clarity…

I can just downplay the need to recognize there is an issue there at all… and just try to treat her right. (if I get the chance)