How will the world become in the future(POLL)

    1. The world will improve and become better
    1. The world will become worse and worse
    1. Somethings will get better,somethings will get worse
    1. The world will not get much changes,things will remain neutral

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I said things will improve in the future. I know there are many things right now that can make us feel as though things are dark. However, there are also many great things happening as we speak. Unfortunately these things are often not reported because bad things sell. We must not lose hope, otherwise things really will slide.

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I voted for long term optimism largely based on my hopes for technological solutions to even the most intractable of human problems.

We are heading towards destruction.
Less recourses, more humans, nuclear threat etc


I think earth will become virtually as lifeless as Mars
Because of human lifestyle and numbers

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Some of the new technologies coming on line will really help the world - nanotechnology, graphene, supercomputers, renewable energy. We haven’t fully exploited some of the fairly new technologies. Genetic engineering offers so much promise. Sometimes it strikes me that I have seen more technological advancement in my lifetime than were seen in the entire thousand years of the middle ages.


We’re headed for destruction fast. Our oceans are dying, climate change, micro plastics in our food, homelessness on the rise even though there are hundreds of empty housing units, political division, it’s all so bad right now and I don’t see us working together enough to fix any of it fast enough to make a difference.

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But I voted that some will get better (mostly because I’m feeling a sense of relief over the George Floyd verdict) and some will get worse.

I think it is going to get worse…as far as morals. I think we are going to get a little more technology.

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The world will become more connected through the Internet; though climate change and other man made causes will pollute the world.

I think the world improves and becomes smaller.

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