How well you do with SchizoAffective


Schizoaffectives usually respond to medication much better. How well does the med effects you.



Hi Mindwhisperer, I’m SZA. I never had prolactin due to any med. I was even side effect free on haldol. I take lithium and it doesn’t give me any side effects. Seroquel clears me up, disorganized thinking, believing in things that are not real. I’m actually permitted a life with medication. I know its not what I had before SZA, but times change. And I realize I will eventually die and pass on.



I respond to the medication well, i usually don’t become psychotic that often, one thing that the medication doesn’t help, its my constant thinking and talking to myself, otherwise with med i don’t have positive or negative symptoms. The only negative symptom is due to my med. it makes me lazy, i am prescribed 2mg of risperdal and i cut just a little bit, making it probably 1.80mg.



I think it’s pretty “normal” to think and talk to yourself. I do it all the time. I have a philosophy that no one listens to me better then myself. :wink:



I have SZA also - the bipolar type most likely. Meds help me, but I still have paranoia, anxiety, some distortions in cognition, and I suffer from negative symptoms. When I slip off the rails because my meds are too low or I’m not on the right meds I get delusional and hallucinate. Oh yeah, I still am having bouts of depression from time to time, not so much dealing with mania at the moment. My symptoms fluctuate very rapidly.



My diagnosis changed a lot in my life from ADD, ADHD, PTSD, Bipolar, SZA, SZ, on and on and on.

Meds are an all or nothing for me. I was tapered over to Geodon for a while and what a mistake that was. If I don’t do well on a med, I’m really doing awful. Paranoia and Panic through the roof, hallucinations, voices louder then they had been in a long time, rapid cycling and emotional swings that I can’t keep up with, hyper and exhausted at the same time. Disorganized thinking so bad that I fall apart.

When I’m on meds that work, they work amazingly well. Right now I’m back on my Seroquel/Latuda and Xanax… No one has been writing me asking… “are you OK, even your post sound paranoid…”

I still hear my voices behind the door in my head. I still have hallucinations out of the corner of my eyes, I still have some panic that I have to check. But it’s manageable.



Ever since I’ve been diagnosed with SZA I’ve been through a crazy med roller coaster. Either the meds made me to restless to ever relax, or I had severe EPS, or couldnt stay awake, or I got way worse. Now I’m on Celexa 20mg and Seroquel 50mg. So far I’m okay. Got my benadryl handy if EPS slips up again.