How was your childhood Christmas

When I was a child in the 1970s my Christmas was good. It was something special. I remember how I watched Christmas programs on TV and we had a Christmas tree. There were many presents under the tree and there were real candles in the tree because we did not have electric candles at that time. We had always the Christmas sauna and we had all kinds of good food and drinks. Sometimes early in the Christmas morning we went to the Christmas church. Somehow I think it was so special and I have just good memories.


My childhood memories of Christmas are pretty limited I am afraid.

I remember all the adult ones.


They were good. Lots of presents. We’d go to church. My favorite Christmas was when my dad and my brother and I drank several bottles of wine while playing risk and went to church drunk. I believed in santa claus until the fourth grade. Christmas’s were good.


My grandmother spoiled all her grandkids. Every year she bought us a lot of toys and assorted candies. I remember assorted fruit Life Savers candies and m&ms that came in a big tube shaped like a candy cane. All our toys mostly came from the Dollar Store but we didn’t know that.


My parents were divorced. My mom didn’t have much of a celebration. I always wanted to go with my dad, usually to his parents. I would get dressed up and sometimes he didn’t show up. It was a great disappointment.


Mine were all pretty good. Now Christmas isn’t such a big deal anymore. All I got is my sisters and my step-parents live pretty far away. My sisters usually spend part of Christmas with friends they’ve known for years and then we get together in the late afternoon or evening.

Yeah, I remember 4th of July, 1988. I was living by myself in a tiny studio and my family was in a different city and I was all alone on the 4th and really depressed. I usually spent every holiday with family, that was like the first major holiday I wasn’t with them. It didn’t end too badly because a friend stopped by about 9:00 pm with a bag full of firecrackers and we walked to the park and set them all off. So it had a happy ending. But now I don’t mind if I’m alone on every holiday. They’re nothing special, just another day.


Quite magical, usually.
We’d start out watching Christmas cartoons in our pajamas and decorating the tree. Mum would prepare dinner, which was an all-day job. Then we’d turn on the lights on the tree, marvel at it, put on fancy clothes and have dinner.
Afterwards we’d hold hands and go around the christmas tree while singing songs, each family member picking one that my mum would put into a leaftlet.
Then opening presents, and then sleep.

During the day there’d be more food, snacks, nuts and tangerines than you’d think it’d be humanely possible to consume.

There was one christmas when I was 12 or so where I’d written quite an extensive wishlist and didn’t rececive a single item on it. My parents raised me to be grateful for every gift, and try to find something good about it. But I was still unable to fully hide my disappointment.
The next day, my stepfather, with whom I didn’t have a good relationship at the time, came up to me and gave me an album of my favourite musiscian at the time.
It’s such a bittersweet memory.


Cocktail wieners. Every Xmas celebration had cocktail wieners. Love em though. This is on my mother’s side.

On my dad’s side my uncle always brought shrimp and cocktail sauce. So yum.

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