What are your childhood memoiries of christmas like?

Hey guys, as above, thoughts?


getting christmas tree, decorating christmas tree, opening presents christmas morning


Exceedingly horrible as a preteen and tween, then miserable as a teen.


Boring. Jewish kids had nothing to do, and everything was closed. When I got older, it was Chinese food and a movie, since the theaters were open.


I had many happy memories of Christmas up until I turned 10 so then was sexually abused by a neighbor. Some kids act out after a trauma whereas I shut down.

And it didn’t help seeing my dad passed out while sitting only in his underwear during Christmas Eve.

It was also fun explaining to the snots at school how my Christmas was.



In my earliest memories Christmas was totally wonderful, because I got all these things I wanted as presents. Then about the age 5 or 6 Christmas lost some of its magic for me. Now, as I’m getting older, Christmas is regaining some of its magic for me. There are a lot of things about it that I love.

Childhood Christmases were lovely because of my Mom.
She was the glue that held things together.


That’s really lovely. I had similar, because of my nan.

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Boring and sad, mostly. I hated being out of school because it meant being stuck confined with my horrible family for 2 weeks. My family isn’t Christian, so there was no Christmas.

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Christmas was generally good and fun when I was growing up, but my mom always wanted the “perfect” holiday and would set unrealistic expectations for the day that left her disappointed. She would also go behind my sister and me after we decorated the tree and “fix” it. It’s been better as an adult.

From 0-18 Christmases were good. The family all got along with no fighting, we had a fancy breakfast then opened gifts. We then had a light snack of hot apple cider and cookies and checked out our gifts then in the afternoon I would go outside and play with my new toys. I can’t remember having a bad Christmas at those ages.

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