How warm is it?

Today has been nice and warm, +25 celsius degrees, 77 F degrees, which is warm in my part of the world.


It is raining now in south india

eighty five degrees Fahrenheit

65f right now. High will be 78 today

I suppose the weather in Minnesota is quite similar to that in my part of the world. I spent once one year in the Upper Michigan in Houghton/Hancock and the weather there was similar to mine here in Finland.

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It gets hot and muggy here also. Like 90’s with humidity. Today will be nice though.

When do you get the first snow there n Minnesota, here where I am it all depends, sometimes there is no snow in the beginning of December.

November usually. Rarely October.

In Sept 1014 we had some snow already, but most often it snows in the end of October, the beginning of November, but then it may also melt so that there is no snow in December. We typically have some very freezing weather from the early January to the beginning of February, but it also varies. Winters are quite dark here.

82 here in upstate NY.

About 17C today (62F). An average winter day, partly cloudy. It’s night now though so the temperature dropped to about 12C

Cool here today at 87 degrees.

It’s 90 here in florida

Seems pretty even across the states today.

I think it’s around 95 F here in eastern Oklahoma.

We had some rain and it dropped down to 80. Now it’s back up to 88 and I bet it’s super humid.

Can’t wait for winter.