How was your weather?

It was 72 degrees today in February. I went out and took a walk.

I went for a walk to a park nearby. It was about 57°F.

Drippy, then snowy. Stomped all over campus. I got to pull my snowboots out again.

That’s why I’m not complaining about it being cold. I don’t want to come off as a sissy.:slight_smile:

Storm Doris hit the UK!

Where r u that it snowed? I’m in cleveland.

Upper 40’s in Seattle. Cold but sunny today.

After being a nice… 75°F yesterday… it started to snow and… still seems to be snowing. I had been peering out of the window from time to time and realize it wasn’t my stark disposition blinding me. Snow was accumulating; I needed my sunglasses.
" Heh…Heh…"
So… not bad.

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It’s getting hot in here…

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Upper Midwest got hit today, NE, SD, MN, IA, WI, IL.

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Those are they who be affected. Right there. Those. Mad hit.

Right now at 11PM it’s clear and 43degrees, chance of rain again tomorrow.

It’s getting hot in here. So take off all your clothes. I wonder if that song was popular in Nepal.

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Nelly killed it…

snowed and about -7c, not bad for us this time of year, just glad all that -30c is probably over with till next winter

It’s been warmer than usual this winter. Had some cold weather earlier on, but lately it’s been like spring has sprung with temps reaching 70 degrees here in SC.

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Dis Are u on job…

No, I’m on disability.

its icy in my fridge frezzer maybe -10 below

It has been so warm here… I thought I slept through winter. Today it is suppose to start getting back to more normal temperature for here.