How to stimulate "real" motivation/investment in things?

hi etre you don’t have to be sorry for venting here that’s what this place is for. what did you enjoy doing before your illness took place? ive always loved swimming and cooking nice food.


it was a long time ago, but i was an avid reader, writer, and i liked to travel. i’ve always found some amount of solace in gardening. and i like hanging out with my dog. i can’t read for ■■■■ anymore. i’m hoping maybe i’ll be cleared for cognitive remediation therapy and regain some of what i’ve lost cognitively. not much really “depresses” me, but when i think of that, i do feel something and it’s unpleasant.

my mum gave me a good idea cause I cant read without falling asleep either is story tapes you listen to on your headphones. maybe journaling could be something for the writing part. Anything that makes you feel better or you can get lost in.


headphones freak me out. but the books on tape is still a great idea, thanks! i can play them through speakers. i used to be a good student and avid reader and i just feel detached from that and have for a long time. but such is the nature of the thing, i suppose.

journaling is definitely something i ought to do more. it’s supposed to be good for relieving stress as well. planned writing times. it’s weird, i feel i have nothing to really stress about because i don’t really DO anything, but them i’m always stressed.

yeah me too i have anxiety with schiz your welcome:)