How to pretend you're clever

How to pretend you’re clever.

I’m afraid to take the test.

If I can score that well I’m sure you can.

I got 91st percentile. Definitely better than my worst scores on online cognitive tests

What’s that test about

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What I lack in cleverness I make up for in wit

I ran out of time

I tried again it’s hard being timed.

Isn’t that kinda the same thing lol

Yes it was a joke :smiley:

Yes-the timed element is an issue. You certainly don’t want your browser playing up when you attempt it or you could waste multiple seconds per question. That’s what happened on my first attempt when Firefox was slow to load the next questions. 90 seconds or so were wasted waiting for questions to load. Even so I answered 20 and got 16 right for 91% percentile.

I closed and reopened the browser and with it running smoothly tried again and managed to answer all 25 questions . In order to get your best result you definitely don’t want your browser to be hanging/freezing.

There are 25 questions in 360 seconds which gives you 14.4 seconds per question.

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I’ve done several of these and score in the 98-99th percentile. For me it’s an ego boost but nothing to take seriously. It contrasts significantly with the 72 or so average(3rd percentile) I score for those Culture fair/non-verbal tests.

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