How to not be hard on yourself?

Something I have struggled with even before the illness came about, any of you have a confidence problem? Anyone overcame it with any good advice?

No, I feel like I got over most of my illness, but my self worth is awful.


I had before I was diagnozed with schizophrenia as an adolescent, I had CBT for it and it went away in a few weeks, maby its something you could try.

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I don’t think self-loathing is about confidence; I think it is about sensitivity. If you can start to love yourself, you’ll become a lot less vulnerable to the bullS. from others and the world at large.

I started loving myself by working with my emotions–accepting them as they are. Our emotions are a big part of who we are and what we do. How you choose to respond to events also matters a lot. Our emotions are also the gateway to self-protection which wards of bad situations, even danger. Your emotions are they and as they are for a reason.

You’re a good person @anon98459728. Don’t let yourself knock you down.

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