How to meet friends?

Anyone know how or where to start?


Do you mean real friends or someone to hang around?

Both, either or, just havin someone in real life

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From my experience in both cases are friends from hospital.

I try at my clinic but everyone’s older… Im 30 but these people r in there 50s

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I know a lot of people from my cricket club. Sport is great but so are hobbies, interests …there’s plenty of groups of people out there doing their thing. Good thing about the modern world is that you can easily find people who share the same interests and you can find them on platforms like facebook.


My experience is that friends from school forget and leave you once you get ill.Neighbor friends always talk behind your back how strange you are.
Friends from work are good,if you are able to work,but if you can’t handle work,then turn to other people on social media.
Thing with friends is very often you get easily hurt by them if you are sensitive,but have patience and forgive everyone you are in contact with.Just remember always that you are in no position to lose anyone.

Maybe you could download the meetup app. See if they have anything you would be interested in.

I dont do any social media except this app…im not sure where to go to meet people…

What do you like to do?
Do you have hobbies?

Really, just go for a walk to say a grocery store, mind your manners, go on about your business. Get what you need, don’t talk to yourself, don’t reply to people who don’t make eye contact and those that are rude, practice patience and do not retort or reply in anger nor sarcastic well wishes. Instead, just go to the cashier, be polite, get what you are there for, exit. Return when you feel the courage to, enter the same grocery store, get whatever food you are there for, continue doing this and then when someone is in line with more or less items, just let them go in front of you, and don’t say much, just smile and let them know you don’t have much to do anyway. Be polite, courteous to the cashier and continue that for a couple of months or more. I guarantee you, people will begin to fear us less, smile and wave hello.

The only friends i have to hang out with(if i ever leave the house) are my uncle and my neighbor. My wife is a given.

If you want to talk any time,you can PM me.Stay positive…

Treat people like long Life potential friends. I am sure you get some friends. Aren’t there any homeless where you live. You won’t believe how much they hanging for a friend. Persistents has its own rewards.

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I have no advice but I am in the same position.

To be honest, I think I am past the point of having friends as it has been a long time since I had any.

My psychologist is trying to help me, but it’s proving very difficult.

She goes away for 10 days next week, so progress will get even slower

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I usually met people who I can talk to if we have mutual interests in common. In my case is playing music, but anything barely social can do…

Join a clubhouse for people with mental illness, join a bowling league, go to a meetup from… There’s lots of places to meet new friends.

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