How to make money thread

When we were young we thought we could xerox one dollar bills and use them in vending machines. We thought we were pretty smart.

We didn’t realize that millions of kids probably did the same thing and it didn’t work for any of us.

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I was a technician at a local college and one of the pieces of kit I was responsible for was a very high end Canon ColorPass copier. It wasn’t working one morning so we called Canon to come service it after I tried all the basic things and it wouldn’t do more than flash an error code I wasn’t familiar with. Turns out that someone had been trying to photocopy $100 CDN bills on it, the onboard software recognized it, and burned out an expensive chip to thwart the counterfeiting. Guess who got to be a suspect when the po-po rolled in?

The whole experience sucked and was a huuuuuuge waste of my time.


I wish I knew. Please someone tell me how I can earn money. I make some but not much.

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Just make a living being cute. You will survive.:black_heart:

I am not nice,cute,adorable enough to make a bug.

In the last year I was only able to work for 3 weeks. The rest is disability and passive income.

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You tried your best. When you can’t anymore you can’t. My partner got offered a job with 64 years old, she didn’t declined, she took the job.

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