How to make lemon pasta with broad beans, parmesan and chilli in 50 minutes


50 minutes? Gawd…I like to be eating within 30 at the latest! hahah.

I like 2 minute noodles.

2 mins max

Sorry but i could never spend 50 mins making a meal, i can only spend about 10mins on average and thats when i can be bothered,

Yesterday i made gnochi with soya mince and tomato sauce and it took me like 10 mins, last night i had the left overs along with some noodles :slight_smile:

I am thinking about what i can buy that is tasty and very easy to make and cheap as well, i’m going to get a list of my favourite ingredients and see how many meals i can find.

Its going to be mostly veggie meals though as i am cutting out meat from my diet.

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