How to live with human ashes in the house when you have delusions of the paranormal?

We had my mother in law cremated and now we have her ashes.

Over the course of a couple weeks it’s been giving me more and more anxiety and thoughts of the paranormal.

We have no plans to distribute the ashes anywhere soon, so this is going to be a long haul thing.

Any advice?

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I live with ashes from family and pets, and I get spirit symptoms.

Over all I have to remember that it was a vessel, remind myself they’re gone. I remind myself I’m sick and that stuff isn’t real. As hard as it is.

I’m hoping it passes for you as the grieving process settles down. Sorry Rex.


Can you put it somewhere you don’t have to see it all the time?

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I have, when they were delivered.

But now I feel like I have to see the box a lot and am afraid to touch it again to put it in a better hiding place.

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Why not ask your husband to do it? That’s what husbands are for.


I don’t want to let him know I’m afraid of the box,

He’d think I’m unstable.

Just tell him you’re being superstitious rather than semi-delusional about it.

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She’s dead and she’s still managing to cause problems in your home.

You have to give her credit here.

I mean, THAT is consistency.

Can’t she go in a storage locker? Or rent some sort of space at a funeral home?

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I could delve into the religious and superstitious reasons behind cremation if you’re up for it. I will put it under a blur with a TW for religion

ancient Romans, Egyptians, Greeks,and many other cultures believed that cremation was a way of releasing the soul from the body. Some cultures viewed this as a good thing, and some viewed it as bad. Generally, cultures that believed in a concrete afterlife were against it, because they believed the body should remain with the soul. Cultures that believed in reincarnation were in favor, because they believed the soul being released from the body freed it up to find a new body and live again. Either way, almost every culture in human history has agreed that the ashes don’t carry any remnant of the soul. It disperses from the ashes and either finds a new life or goes on to the afterlife. So no matter what religious or anthropological viewpoint you take, they all agree that there is nothing supernatural about ashes. The supernatural part is totally gone.


That’s interesting and kind of comforting, @ninjastar.

@velociraptor, my husband wants to spread the ashes a little bit at a time in different places,

So she has to stay in the house for easy access.

I’m trying to remind myself they are just ashes, but it’s still scary.

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Sending (((hugs))).


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I think it’s worthwhile discussing this with your husband, especially since it’s his mother’s ashes and he’s planning on keeping the ashes around for a while.

It’s not uncommon for people to feel uncomfortable with human remains, including ashes. You don’t necessarily have to go into detail with your husband about why you feel uncomfortable. Just let him know that you’d appreciate it if he could put the ashes away somewhere in the home so that you don’t see them and feel uncomfortable.


i can imagine it’s weird having the ashes in your house. From my pets i spread the ashes cause of this. But i think some of my grandmum’s ashes are still here and it makes me weird sometimes. But i think you gotta know that the soul is past on already so it shouldn’t be a problem.

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