How to get over erotomania

When I think that someone likes me. I think it’s really annoying. Deep down I know that I don’t know whether they do or don’t, but this stupid delusion thing tells me that they do. When they might not.

It is quite annoying.

How to get rid of such delusional thoughts. At the end of the day, one can’t know who likes me.if anyone.

I personally believe the erotomania delusion arises out of wishful thinking gone out of control.

But the truth is that I need to just accept reality.

For me it is easy to get confused about who I am, what I like how I behave. Etc.

This quote is what I need to remember, it is hard for me cos sometimes I get clingy.

I had terrible erotomanis I even thought I was pregnant

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I will get therapy in May hopefully. To help me with this rubbish.

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Whats the difference between unrequitted love and that? I never been in love though lol.

I don’t know…

Maybe erotomania and unrequited love is the same thing. From my understanding. Now that I think about it.

I’m confusing myself with this thread :frowning:

I don’t know what I’m saying anymore :sweat_smile: :expressionless:

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Anyways, will get therapy in May and then she will help me see reality.

Good luck with your therapy

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Ahhh thankyou so much, I need the luck haha

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Tbh I think sometimes people may think they may like me or are interested to get to know me but. They’ve not met me, don’t know me close up and for long, and if they did they would not like me.

This is good this thread is helping me see reality already.

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts

I’ve had erotomania… I thought celebrities and all of women were infatuated with me😶 I believed they were all pregnant by dreaming sex with me… I was out of control

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I’m glad you’re out of the erotomania now.

I think I will hopefully be OK though because I don’t want to meet someone in my country until a long time anyway so that gives me therapy and personal reflection time. to guide me to look at people around me in a realistic, appropriate, healthy way not a delusional way.

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I just have to NOT CARE ABOUT OTHERS OPINION OF ME. and then wait for the day when I come across someone I’ve never come across before.In ANY capacity.
And hope they love me maybe, and me them. Bla Bla Bla…

But seriously! I need to stop day dreaming!!


if i think i have a spirit girlfriend who cheated on me would that qualify as[erotomania. Ive never heard of that before…

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I think with erotomania you are convinced that the person is infatuated with you? Even though it is not been evidently said.

ok, i guess thats not the same thing, thanks

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I’ve had an unrequited love for a long time… but time still heals ‘wounds’ and it’s a thing now, of my past.

For me, I pull a lot from the ending scene on the pier with Steve Carrell in ‘Little Miss Sunshine’.

He speaks about being a Proust scholar(a topic I know nothing about), but Proust was a writer and ‘unrequited love’ is the word choice, (I think it goes with the territory of being a creative).

The other thing I learned is that there’s the phrase in that movie script that: ‘all the hard times were actually the best, and this Proust fellow did his best work during those times.

Just a good movie and scene that resonated and helped me feel better about myself!

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With unrequited love, you either acknowledge that you don’t know the person’s feelings, or that they don’t like you back. It is also always with someone you know personally.

Erotomania is an intense infatuation, combined with being absolutely sure that that person is your true soulmate and will love you back/wishes you would make your move. It can be someone you know or someone you have never met, like a celebrity. It can lead you to believe illegal/creepy behaviors are actually romantic and reciprocated.

Someone with unrequited love might write a love letter once. Someone with erotomania might write ten love letters every week, be convinced the other person is writing love letters back and they just aren’t receiving them for some reason, feel like the other person is telepathically communicating love to them, and might see a restraining order as a secret acknowledgement of returned affections.

Basically, everyone gets crushes. Everyone experiences loving someone who just isn’t into them. But when you can’t accept no for an answer, or have manufactured all these elaborate romantic interactions that never happened based on things the other person does or doesn’t do that have nothing to do with you, that is when you need help.