Erotomania sucks

Anyone else suffer from this?

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In a unofficial way on Valentines more than a few guys and gals with unreal expectations of anothers affections have been scorned due to a touch of erotomania.

I never really had it but wasted thoughts on those I never had a chance with.

Maybe. For me it happens more often though.

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I’ve had it in the past.

Yea I’ve had it just before the first episode. What had started as an unassuming drooling over a young lady’s instagram photos, grew into an obsession, a quest for truest purest love, a higher connection between two souls that didn’t need words to express their feelings for each other, a fear of losing her to a marriage arranged by elders in her “tribe”, a sudden resolution to become rich and powerful and save her from the clutches of a tyrannical husband…

I somewhat managed to pull away and come to my senses. But maybe the brief realization of my own delusional state was too much to bear? Auditory hallucinations started shortly after. I became psychotic.

yep…but it saved me really…gave me hope that one day I would be back in her arms…all sorts of delusions about hell and jesus and the devil. but Amelia was always there watching me, praying for me, telling me everything was going to be alright.

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