How to feel pleasure when in antipsychotics?

I’m still on 10mg of aripiprazole and decreasing the dose slowly. I’ve read some stuff on the internet about people who did antipsychotics withdrawal and needed some time to feel pleasure again. Antipsychotics are known for causing anhedonia (lack of pleasure). My withdrawal will take a long time yet, but I wanted to feel pleasure again and have no blunt affect. Do you guys know any alternatives of feeling pleasure again? I don’t mean alopathic alternatives. I mean natural alternatives and supplements (it can even be some nootropics).

Most symptoms were reported before the meds. I’m not sure that meds cause anedonia and the process of schizophrenia in itself produces some serious problems.

Supplements are a dead end for me. Plenty of people say things work but unless it’s double blind scientific studies it’s not worth anything. I take some fish oil and that is about it.

Not even sure of withdrawal off of antipsychotics. If you need them you’ll get symptoms anyways. Yeah it’s good to titrate off of them but not sure what your trying to achieve if you’ve been in psychosis??

Schizophrenia sux but psychosis is most likely damaging your brain. Untreated your just accepting that into your life!


Your selling yourself short and chasing shadows.

All’s I say. Dopamine agonists work over nothing. Your just accepting nothing with is damaging your brain. There’s enough evidence of that.

Spirituality and schiz aren’t opposed. You can still have some serious beliefs and get by but not accepting medicine is just a dumb move in modern society. Your not accepting our current technology and just accepting what is something from the dark ages of psychiatry.

It’s just a no brainer but I know schizophrenia attacks your central beliefs profoundly. All’s I’m saying is your selling yourself short and currently you aren’t doing yourself any favors!


Dude, I’m not selling myself short.


Good luck. I’m a fan of science and the scientific method. I’m not a fan of things that aren’t in that sphere.

Good luck to you. All’s good till you come unstuck and you’ll not remember me at the time! Peace. It’s all good I won’t lose any sleep over it!


Why do I want to say strip clubs?

don’t play yourself. when I was on risperdal by itself i would wake up and had no fire in me. all it took was saying screw this and telling my pdoc I felt down and she prescribed me wellbutrin which helps me a lot. also i quit the risperdal and she moved me to invega which works better for me.

I am completely against going off medicine unless you REALLY consider what can happen AND do it with doctors guidance.

at the very least as sz people, we must always seek mental health support and counseling. I’m not saying you can never go off meds, but don’t think it’ll be rainbows and fairies (not trying to be funny here)

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